ERGALIO Big Data Platform
The fastest path from data to real-time insights.
The Ergalio Big Data Platform (BDP) is designed to meet today's challenges of deriving real-time insights from fast-moving data. From real-time prices in financial markets to the plethora of sensor data in IoT devices and beyond, the Ergalio BDP allows developers, data scientists and executives to rapidly construct applications and ultimately drive both automated and human-assisted decisions within their organizations.
For the automated case, Ergalio BDP supports the evaluation of advanced machine learning models to drive optimal decisions and for the human-assisted case, Ergalio BDP provides rapid tools for the construction and consumption of sophisticated visualizations to aid in the decision-making process.
Ergalio Studio
The central place where developers, data analysts, and data scientists congregate to create, test, deploy and iterate on real-time event processing solutions.

Ergalio studio contains role based access, cloud deployment, access to the Ergalio Builder, along with integrated code and version management to accelerate the roll-out of real-time event processing solutions.
Platform Core
Ergalio BDP ships with a core feature set to accelerate the rapid analysis of data.
Standard Component Library
The Ergalio Big Data platform ships with a set of standard event processing components and visual elements. By leveraging these blocks in the Ergalio Builder, data analysts and data scientists are able to rapidly construct entire applications -- both the backend logic and the front-end user interface.
Cloud SDK
The Cloud SDK provides developers with an annotation-driven mechanism to create event processing components that are then assembled and re-used by data analysts and data scientists in the Ergalio Builder. Additionally, the SDK provides a mechanism to create visual components on the platform in React and Angular that are similarly assembled in the Ergalio Builder.
As a central part of rapid construction for event processing solutions, the Ergalio Builder allows data analysts and data scientists to quickly assemble both logical flows for event processing as well as the user interfaces that connect to them.
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