ERGALIO means tool in Greek
For us, building better software tools is a way of life
Big Data meets Fast Data
The best tool to gain insight from fast moving event streams.
Rapid construction of business applications to analyze, visualize, and ultimately make sense of real-time data streams has never been easier.

Available in both on-premise and cloud editions.
What is Fast Data?
For every company, millions of events happen each day that provide the opportunity to make better business decisions. However, to do this, massive infrastructure is required to ingest all the events, make sense of the data, and then to take both automated and human directed action.
Industry titans like Uber, Facebook, and Google have teams dedicated to this problem — they’ve created frameworks to process the data, infrastructure teams to operate it, and entire engineering teams dedicated to writing the business logic by hand.
At ERGALIO, we believe there’s a better way — harnessing fast data should be in the hands of everyone.
That’s why we’ve created a Big Data platform for handling fast moving event streams and the rapid construction of applications that sit on top.