Our mission is to empower people with the software tools to create, collaborate and ultimately improve the workplace and personal communities around them.
About Us
At Ergalio, we craft world-class tools that empower people to achieve more in less time.
Our first tool is a Big Data platform that allows organizations to dramatically reduce the time it takes to process and derive insights from fast moving data. With the platform in use at one of the world’s largest telecoms and a number of financial services and e-commerce organizations, we’re expanding the platform to handle more vertical cases with the aid of machine learning, various forms of artificial intelligence, and distributed systems principles for clustered computing.
The software we build involves deep understanding of compilers, distributed systems, concurrency, networking protocols, and machine learning to name a few. We’re currently expanding our team, and looking for engineers who want to master these technologies, helping us advance what’s possible with state-of-the-art software tools in the process.
Our Philosophy: Powerful Software Tools Move Us Forward
Since the dawn of time, mankind has created tools to improve the quality of life: the fire, the wheel, and ultimately modern transportation. In the sphere of software, tooling has not kept pace -- software is created in a similar fashion as to that of forty years ago. Ergalio is on a quest to improve this situation by creating powerful tooling for the rapid construction of software to glean insights from data.
Our Team
As a team of developers, designers, and product development leaders, we’re a tightly knit team passionate about what the future of technology will bring. Each of us has deep domain expertise in our field, and we have a huge sense of camaraderie in sharing our technical knowledge within the team.

Everyone on our team is constantly learning new technologies, algorithms, distributed systems approaches, and new ways to solve problems.

As a result, we’re always learning and helping each other grow in our professional careers, along the lines of architecture, computer science, and large-scale software systems engineering.

Coupled with great cityscape views from the office, we’re excited to move the world of technology forward with our family-like atmosphere and fantastic team.
Our Culture
We work hard and play hard, solving some of the toughest challenges in computer science and software engineering.
When we’re not working, we enjoy a healthy lifestyle and especially the outdoors when the weather permits.
As a tightly knit group, our team outings involve active sports like kayaking, hiking and riding all terrain vehicles (ATVs).
We're always looking for passionate engineers to join our team.

Email careers@ergalio.net with your resume and we'll get in touch to discuss next steps.
For us, building better software tools is a way of life.